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Holiday tips to maintain sugar levels

Everyone wants to let loose on holiday and enjoy delicious food without feeling restricted. Here are my top tips on making the most of your summer holiday while managing your sugar levels!

1. Watch your drinks

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On holiday you are more likely to indulge in cocktails, smoothies and coffee, but remember these are often packed with sugar.

I try and choose cocktails that contain less sugar, my favourite is a mojito. If your sugars are running a bit high, ask the bartender to leave the sugar out and to give some sugar sachets so you can add the right amount for you.

If you fancy something with lots of sugar in, try and time it right, for example after a walk or swim.

2. Plan activities

Plan activities that involve some exercise, even just book a walking tour so you can explore your holiday destination and get some movement in at the same time. Play games in the pool or volleyball on the beach!

Just remember to always carry a sugary snack or money for treats if your sugars suddenly drop.

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3. Take cool packs

It isn’t always possible to put your bag in the shade so invest is some cool packs to stop your insulin from denaturing.

Denaturing is when the insulin gets too hot, meaning it is no longer active when it enters the body. This can therefore result in very high sugar levels.

Etsy have some really nice cooler cases, I take them everywhere with me so my insulin stays cool whether I am by the pool, beach or exploring a new town.

4. Make sure you have a mini fridge

Contact your hotel and make sure there is a mini fridge in your room. The last thing you want is to arrive and then realise there is no where to safely store your insulin (I have been in this position, it’s not fun!).

5. Relax

Remember you are on holiday and you are there to have fun. If you run a little high a couple of times it is not the end of the world (not too high of course).

Go back to basics and remember timing is always the key to indulging!

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