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Bulking with type 1 diabetes

For many people the cold months mean it is bulking season! Gaining muscle has some incredible health benefits when done and maintained correctly. Keep reading for my tips on what to do and what to avoid! In my opinion yo-yoing from bulking to cutting every winter and summer is unsustainable and a potential unhealthy cycle… Continue reading Bulking with type 1 diabetes

Turkey Burger recipe

Here is my delicious Turkey burger recipe that has the perfect balance of spice and freshness and is great for a Friday night! I don’t eat red meat and poultry is much lower in saturated fat which is why I go for turkey mince. The burger recipe is great because it has so much flavour… Continue reading Turkey Burger recipe

First aid and diabetes education

What is the deal? Unfortunately, diabetes can often be misrepresented in first aid courses. This can leads to confusion about what exactly diabetes is, and the differentiation between type 1 and type 2. I often get asked ‘do you have the one with high sugar levels or low sugar levels’. This confusion comes from miseducation… Continue reading First aid and diabetes education

How I ran Tough Mudder while managing Type 1!

Here is how I ran tough mudder while managing my sugar levels! This blog is designed to help you prepare for a race, or to inspire you to sign up to one! Diabetes never has to stop you 🙂 Training for Tough Mudder My training changed slightly in the months running up to the race.… Continue reading How I ran Tough Mudder while managing Type 1!


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