My tasty 5 minute salad

Here is my super quick and easy 5 minute salad. This recipe is perfect if you need to make a healthy lunch to take anywhere with you! My 5 minute salad is high in fibre, protein and good fats which will help keep you full. You can add any source of carbohydrates you fancy to… Continue reading My tasty 5 minute salad

The FreeStyle Libre 3?!

Abbott are officially launching the FreeStyle Libre 3 which is more than exciting, it is life changing. Keep reading for all of the details on the Libre 3! The difference between the Libre 2 and 3 There are a few differences between the Libre 2 and 3. The first difference is the 3 will be… Continue reading The FreeStyle Libre 3?!

5 minute breakfast oats

My breakfast oats are packed with nutrients, including good fats, protein and fibre to keep your sugar levels stable. This recipe is so quick and easy, it is perfect to fit into your busy morning. Keep reading for all the details! Serves 1 Breakfast Oats Macros: Calories: 416Carbohydrates: 45gof which sugars: 17.5gFibre: 8gProtein: 15gFat: 24.5g… Continue reading 5 minute breakfast oats

coffee beans and white mug

Coffee and diabetes

Drinking coffee has a big potential to impact glucose control. The impact depends on a variety of factors, like the type of coffee you’re drinking, your genetics and time of day. Keep reading to see how drinking caffeine might be impacting your levels and how to minimise this! Caffeine and sugar levels Caffeine can make… Continue reading Coffee and diabetes


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