Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my blog Defying Diabetes! I am Type 1 diabetic and training to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist to coach and guide people with a variety of conditions to a better lifestyle.

Being Type 1 diabetic myself, I realised there is a massive stigma around this condition that has to be changed.

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4 Nutrients for Insulin Sensitivity

Here are 4 nutrients that promote insulin sensitivity and blood glucose balance. Having good insulin sensitivity means glucose can move around the body and be used more efficiently. This reduces your risk of getting type 2 diabetes, and supports your overall health. * These nutrients ARE NOT ‘cures’ of diabetes, they can be useful in… Continue reading 4 Nutrients for Insulin Sensitivity

The Menstrual Cycle and diabetes

The menstrual cycle can make sugar levels harder to control. Keep reading to find out why, and my tips for diabetes control. How does the menstrual cycle impact blood sugars The majority of girls living with type 1 diabetes will notice that their blood sugars rise around 7-5 days before their period starts. This is… Continue reading The Menstrual Cycle and diabetes

Thai-style Chicken Meatballs!

Here is the full recipe for my Thai chicken meatballs, made with fresh lemon grass and red chilli. The meatballs can be served with noodles, pasta or rice and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. This recipe is has great macros which you can see below. Keep reading for the full recipe! Serves 4 Macros: (chicken… Continue reading Thai-style Chicken Meatballs!

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