Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my blog Defying Diabetes! I am Type 1 diabetic and training to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist to coach and guide people with a variety of conditions to a better lifestyle.

Being Type 1 diabetic myself, I realised there is a massive stigma around this condition that has to be changed.

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3 Delicious Summer Dips!

Here are 3 delicious dips that are perfect for summer! The red pepper hummus, beetroot guacamole and salsa verde are all super easy to make, and will impress your summer party and BBQ guests! The macros for all dips are listed below, the red pepper hummus, beetroot guacamole and salsa verde provide different colours and… Continue reading 3 Delicious Summer Dips!

woman wearing teal dress sitting on chair talking to man

Never say these 5 things to a diabetic

Here are 5 things to never say to a diabetic, and how to avoid being that patronising person. 1. ‘You need to stop eating sugar/carbs’ Don’t try and be the carb police, carbohydrates are vital for everyone including those living with diabetes. People seem to get confused between types of diabetes, and how they are… Continue reading Never say these 5 things to a diabetic

man in white shirt suffering from a stomach pain

Leaky Gut Syndrome 101

Leaky gut syndrome is a hypothetical condition with symptoms being extremely common. Leaky gut can often cause a myriad of symptoms in the gut and across the body. What is it? The intestines have a barrier made up of cells which separates the lining of the gut and the bloodstream. Normally this layer of cells… Continue reading Leaky Gut Syndrome 101

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