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Exam stress and sugar levels

Everyone living with diabetes knows how much stress can impact glucose control. Exam season can be incredibly stressful and keeping sugar levels stable plays an integral role in exam success.

Keep reading for my top tips on handling exam stress to keep sugar levels in check.

1. Eat regular meals

balanced meals - exam stress

It is really easy to get into the routine of consistently eating more or less when we are stressed.

So make sure you are eating 3 balanced meals a day and have snacks in between if needed. Keeping your eating routine the same will also help to keep your sugars in check.

When I am taking exams I like to meal prep so my meals are ready to go. Try and set aside an hour or two to get your food organised, this will really help!

My favourite revision/exam snacks include dark chocolate, rice crackers, nuts or an apple with peanut butter.

2. Exercise outdoors

outdoors - exam stress

Prepping for exams means sitting down and being sedentary for a long time. So getting outdoors to get fresh air, sun and exercise is vital.

Walking outdoors is calming, which makes it productive. Listen to music or a funny podcast or Youtube video. This allows your brain some rest time.

Remember to rehydrate afterwards!

3. Epsom salt baths

At the end of a busy day, take a bath with Epsom salts. This helps to replenish magnesium, is a vital mineral for relaxation.

Magnesium can become depleted during periods of chronic stress, so it is important to replace the magnesium lost.

Ty and eat magnesium rich foods everyday too, such as dark leafy greens, raw cacao powder, lentils, peanuts and cashews.

4. Regular sleep pattern

Having a consistent sleep routine boosts both mood and memory. Getting enough sleep decreases adrenaline spikes which is important in maintaining balanced sugar levels.

Feeling well rested is vital for being productive and disciplined, so make this a priority in your life.

Encourage sleep by getting blackout blinds, removing blue light 1-2 hours before bedtime and keep your bedroom at a cool temperature.

5. Get organised

organised - exam stress

Make yourself a schedule that allows time for everything!

‘Winging it‘ during exam season will contribute towards stress, so we want to avoid this.

At the beginning of every week write yourself a schedule that includes study time, exercise, lunch and coffee breaks and time for an activity you enjoy to de-stress.

Most importantly, make sure you actually stick to it. Remember it takes around 30 days to form a new habit, so stay as consistent as you can.

Also remember exam season is not forever and plan something exciting afterwards to look forward to.

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