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The FreeStyle Libre 2 Update!

As of the 17th August Abbott released a new update to the FreeStyle Libre 2 app which now means the system acts like a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

What the update means

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The new CGM system means that you no longer have to scan the sensor with your phone, you simply open the app and it automatically displays your glucose.

Not only this, when the high or low glucose alarm goes off, the notification banner displays the sugar level and the arrow trend.

These updates are fantastic because it makes glucose monitoring even easier and it helps to prevent hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia even sooner. This improved technology continues to increase quality of life, and the burden of living with diabetes.

The update has removed the 24 hour time in range percentage from the home page (I’m not sure why).

*Be aware that it is only available on the mobile app, if you are using the separate FreeStyle reader it is not available.

How to get it

For Android users you need to install the version (2.10.0)

For iOS users you need to install 2.10.1.

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*Abbott have said the update may disconnect your alarm system and LibreView. After installing the update make sure you scan your arm and check the alarms are connected. Also log out of your LibreView and log back in.

When I did the update it didn’t change my app until I changed my sensor. So if yours doesn’t update straight away this might be why. If you have any problems call Abbott straight away.

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