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Rage Bolusing 101

Rage bolusing is when lots of insulin is administered to get a high blood sugar down quickly. 

From my experience, all people living with diabetes rage bolus from time to time when blood sugars are running high and we get annoyed that they are not coming down.

rage bolusing

It is completely normal to feel agitated when you have stubborn blood sugars, but rage bolusing can actually do more harm than good. It is common to think that getting hyperglycaemia down quickly is optimal, when the opposite it actually true.

Getting high sugar levels down gradually is better than overcorrecting and having a subsequent hypo. Rage bolusing can lead to ‘rollercoaster’ sugar levels which can become much harder to control.

My tips on dealing with rage bolusing

1. Gradually administer insulin – Administer your first correction dose and if you can, do some very gentle exercise. I like to go for a short walk (about 15-20 minutes), I then check my levels again. If they are not coming down one hour after the correction dose, I will administer another one. Sometimes it can take a few hours for the insulin to fully kick in.

*Be careful with insulin layering, this is when multiple doses of insulin are administered over a short period. This can result in delayed hypoglycaemia which can be very difficult to get back up.

do something relaxing - rage bolusing

2. Be patient – Try and do something you find relaxing while you wait. I like to watch my favourite TV show, read my book or play with my cats. When we get annoyed it increases the level of stress hormones in our blood, which can result in blood sugars rising even higher.

3. Keep hypo snacks at the ready – Always be ready for sudden low sugars, keep your favourite snacks nearby (and portioned!).

4. Share your annoyance – I like to talk to someone I trust when my sugar levels are being stubborn. Talking really helps to let emotions out, which may help to prevent a rage bolus.

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