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Keeping your feet healthy with diabetes!

The feet is another area where complications can arise when living with diabetes, and the feet are often a neglected area of the body!

I have been writing a series on preventing complications of diabetes, here are posts on keeping your eyes and kidneys healthy in case you missed them!

So aside from controlling sugar levels, here are some other tips on how to keep your feet healthy with diabetes!

Get proper shoes!

supportive shoes for keeping feet healthy with diabetes

Wearing shoes that support your feet is vital for preventing problems.

Not only do proper fitting shoes support your joints and muscles, but it also helps to prevent blisters and calluses that could become infected.

So buy your shoes from a store, get your feet measured and even buy insoles to ensure your shoes fit correctly!

Learn how to cut your nails!

Cutting your nails correctly can prevent some extremely painful ingrown toenails!

Ideally nails should be cut in a square shape (i.e. not rounded at the edges) to prevent them from growing into the skin.

Also, try to not cut nails too short, cut straight across and leave the corners squared.

If you have any problems with your feet or toenails, book in with your doctor, or seek a podiatrist to prevent any complications.

Keep active!

exercise for keeping feet healthy with diabetes

Exercise increases circulation and strengthens the muscles in the feet. So try to incorporate a variety of exercise into your schedule! A mix of cardio, resistance training and stretching is optimal!

Remember to always keep your feet dry, particularly after exercise to prevent bacteria from harbouring.

And guess what I’m going to say.. if you smoke, try your upmost to quit! I say it across many of my posts because smoking is so damaging to the body and decreases circulation. This puts you at a higher risk of complications all over your body!

A final point to note, if you take part in sports that are particularly hard on your feet, such as ballet, skiing or running, pay extra attention to your feet!

Cover your feet!

cover feet to keep feet healthy with diabetes

Always wear shoes outdoors to prevent getting any cuts or scrapes.

Of course any broken glass, splinters or sharp objects on the ground could be contaminated with nasty bacteria that can cause major infections.

Furthermore, always keep your feet covered at the swimming pool to prevent picking up any verrucas or warts. These can take years to go and can cause some nasty infections!

Please remember, if you have any concerns or any of the following issues with your feet, book in with your doctor immediately:

  • Breaks or deep cuts in the skin
  • Any pus
  • Any change in skin colour (blue, purple, red, pale or dark)
  • Feelings of persistent pins, needles, pain, numbness or burning

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