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How to stay on track this Christmas!

We all love to have a splurge at Christmas, but it is important not to over-indulge and feel negatively afterwards. So keep reading for my top tips!

1. Keep Moving!

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  • With the current Covid-19 rules here in the UK, we are allowed to see up to 6 people outdoors, so if this is the same for you, take full advantage of this and go our for some walks with loved ones.
  • Walking is obviously great for your physical health and keeping your sugar levels on track this Christmas, but walking is also fantastic for mental health.
  • Getting some fresh air and catching up with family and friends helps to decrease stress levels and gives you some joy after a very odd year!
  • I also like to time my walks after I have had a treat, as this helps to prevent a sugar spike post-meal!

2. Choose alcohol with less sugar

  • It is officially Christmas cocktail season! But remember how much sugar and calories can be packed into alcoholic beverages.
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  • So here are a few alternatives so you can have a treat and worry less about your sugar levels!
  1. Choose sugar free mixers and add lemon, lime or orange juice to make them sweeter and fresh.
  2. Always measure out your spirits!
  3. Use fresh ingredients and make your own syrups.

3. Make sweet treats yourself!

  • When you make treats yourself, you know exactly what has gone into the recipe and you can make some ingredient swaps to make the treat have a benefit for your health.
  • Some alternatives can include adding bananas and dried fruit to replace refined sugar. Also using coconut oil, olive oil or avocado.

4. Put snacks in smaller bowls

  • Studies have shown that when we serve snacks in big bowls, we tend to eat more and over-indulge.
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  • So, when you fancy a snack, portion it out into smaller bowls to prevent over grazing.
  • When snacks are portioned, it is much easier to know how many carbs you have eaten so calculating an insulin dose is much easier.

5. Limit dessert options

  • If you have 4 dessert options you are very likely to try them all, and of course the carbs and sugar will add up and cause a big glucose spike.
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  • So aim to have 2 desserts that are homemade, to limit temptation so you are less likely to over-indulge!

Thank you so much for reading my top tips on how to stay on track this Christmas! I hope you found my tips useful!

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